• Journal of Praxis in Higher Education
    Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021)

    This is JPHE, 3(1), 2021

    Readers, Authors, Reviewers and Editorial Board Members, on behalf of the Editorial Team of JPHE, I am delighted to share JPHE’s fourth issue with you.

    This issue is the result of a particularly hectic but also a creative period of time in which the journal has developed significantly. It is also an issue that can no longer hide behind beginner’s luck. From that point of view, it is time for me, as Editor-in-Chief, to share some of my thoughts on where this journal is now situated and where it is heading.

  • Journal of Praxis in Higher Education
    Vol. 2 No. 2 (2020)

    and must be-ing in higher education

    In developing a new academic journal, our core intention, as mentioned in previous editorials, has been to generate, disseminate, and promote the interrogation of knowledge and scientific and/or philosophical investigation of higher education. This is our way of promoting the important and critical task of sustaining higher education, and indeed higher education research, as maybe-ing arenas’. By this, we mean sustaining spaces of possibility; of pushing at the boundaries not only of what IS, but also of what is thinkable, knowable, and doable; of imagining how things can be otherwise.



  • Journal of Praxis in Higher Education
    Vol. 2 No. 1 (2020)

    The historical potential of flux in this unique moment. Conceptually highlighting an opportunity for praxis-driven change.

    The second edition of a new journal is sometimes the toughest. The honeymoon excitement and energy of launching a brand new journal evaporates, and the journal is no longer new. It also does not help if you are trying to put together a second issue at the end of a semester and academic year, when many of us are in the middle of final exams, course assessment and thesis evaluations. And it really does not help if a global pandemic breaks out and turns higher education upside down... read more.

  • Journal of Praxis in Higher Education
    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2019)

    Another higher education journal: Really?

    Does the higher education research community really need another research journal? Have we not reached a saturation point, with numerous well-established, highly regarded journals, and continuous announcements about new journals appearing in our email inboxes? Why would any scholar consider becoming involved in yet another review, special issue, or especially another ‘most recent APA update’? What could possibly be gained from aiming for the introduction of another international, higher education research journal?