Please see our new and highly interesting open Issue: JPHE, 6(1), 2024


JPHE's new Issue includes an Editorial where Hoffman, Kh. Soltani and Lazarevska discuss how our new section "Notes from the field" has developed, and how we think of its relevance in relation to praxis in higher education.

The Issue also includes four research papers that elaborate on different and fresh perspectives on praxis. See:

"Deliberative leadership: sustainable practices for public universities?"
By Ciaran Sugrue, Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke

"A case study of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in hiring practices".
By Sherri Castillo, Kris Powledge Gaddy, and Paulina Reyes

"How peer driving students teachers use pedagogical observation in their teaching practice: Experiences from Norway".
By Hilde Kjelsrud, Anne Marit Valle

"Pedagogical competence development programs: tensions and challenges to meaningful participation". 
By Espen Hektoen, Patric Wallin

It also includes a paper as part of our "Notes from the field": "Doctoral researchers as change agents of higher education: An autoethnographic account".
By Melina Aarnikoivu

And also a short book review by Tiina Soupajärvi.