A case study of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in hiring practices





hiring practices, job-life cycle, diversity, equity, inclusion


The push to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into higher education spaces has changed hiring practices for universities. The team of HR professionals at a large flagship university in the United States developed a plan to help hiring managers increase diversity and equity during the job life cycle. An evaluation of the intervention includes interviews with both hiring managers and those hired in the last year. Findings include concerns about shrinking applicant pools, a lack of equity in job expectations and salaries, and the need for additional professional development opportunities.

Author Biographies

Sherri Castillo, The University of Texas at Austin

Sherri Castillo is a doctoral candidate in the Education Policy and Planning Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focuses on LGBTQ+ issues of equity in K-12 public education systems, specifically policies that protect the rights of transgender and non-binary students. Sherri’s work has been published in the Journal of Education Human Resources and Sexuality, Gender and Policy. 

Sherri holds a BS in English Education from Millersville University and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State University. She worked in urban education for ten years as a teacher before transitioning to academic work and research. 

Kris Powledge Gaddy, The University of Texas at Austin

Kris Powledge Gaddy is the Director for Administration in Undergraduate Education at the University of Texas at Austin. Her primary focus is on creating supportive environments for staff members, particularly in navigating the bureaucratic processes within a large R1 institution. With over ten years of experience in higher education, she focuses on collaboration and clear communication between student affairs, academic programming, and business services offices. Her efforts aim to ensure the well-being and success of staff, students, and faculty members, fostering a sense of belonging within the university community. Kris holds a BS in Applied Learning and Development and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Texas at Austin.

Paulina Reyes, The University of Texas at Austin

Paulina Reyes Campo is the Senior Human Resources Coordinator in Undergraduate Education at the University of Texas at Austin. In this role, she focuses on optimizing HR functions and coordinating initiatives that contribute to a positive workplace environment. With expertise in recruitment, employee relations, compliance, and HR systems management, Paulina ensures smooth operations while providing guidance to student employees, staff, and faculty. Paulina received a BS in Organizational Psychology from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.




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Castillo, S., Powledge Gaddy, K., & Reyes, P. (2024). A case study of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in hiring practices. Journal of Praxis in Higher Education, 6(1), 43–68. https://doi.org/10.47989/kpdc333



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