Notes from the field

Notes from the Field (NFTF) contributions open up an unconventional space within the JPHE for early thinking on a wide variety of ideas. NFTF contributions might not yet be ready for peer review, as scientific articles or essays but are advanced enough to share and discuss within and across the many audiences of the JPHE. NFTF are one of several pathways and strategies our editorial team is using to actively craft a holistic, inclusive, distinctive, and evolving journal space.

NFTF submissions will be actively developed using an open review, facilitated by one of JPHE’s Senior Editors. We encourage NFTF contributions which are included, but not limited to, essays, reports or reflective notes, especially contributions aimed at generating dialogue, collaboration and co-creation beyond the limitations many colleagues often encounter within conventional settings. We are especially encouraging developmental and/or creative, non-traditional texts and arts-based features. For further information, please contact Senior Editors David Hoffman or Sara Soltani.