Testing a model for classroom observation in higher education





collegial observation model, recognized university teachers, pilot study, teaching and learning in higher education


In this article, the ongoing development and implementation of a model for collegial exchange is presented. The aim is to modify an existing model for classroom observation and to test and evaluate the design in a pilot study, in order to encourage university teachers to learn from each other. In addition, the model is intertwined with further developing the role of the newly established network of recognized university teachers at a middle-sized Swedish university. In this model, the recognized university teachers are given explicit roles as facilitators, and it has a flexible design in order to suit as many teachers as possible—both newly educated and experienced. Insights from the teachers who actively participated in the pilot study highlight the positive impact of collegial observations. The participants found these observations to be not only inspiring but also valuable for their professional growth. In addition, they emphasized the significance of supporting a trustful relationship and shared intention with fellow teachers during collegial observation. Another conclusion from the pilot study is that it’s important not to rush when implementing this kind of model for long-lasting collegial exchange, but to let it develop gradually.



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Carlsund, Åsa, & Asklund, H. (2024). Testing a model for classroom observation in higher education. Journal of Praxis in Higher Education, 6(4), 108–119. https://doi.org/10.47989/kpdc540