Institutional management praxis and the logic of capital: Accumulated labor and the exploitation of teaching in teaching intensive fields


  • Dennis Beach University of Borås



Academic Capitalism, Accumulated Labour, Exploitation, Gender, Social Class


Abstract: Exploitation is possible because of rules and social arrangements that have an asymmetric impact on groups who hold different relative positions within the nexus of cultural, political, economic and social power and advantage. Based on a synthesis of critical ethnographic research, the present article provides an analysis of exploitation in one specific higher education field; Initial Teacher Education and Research (EDITE). Exploitation is not usually associated with higher education. However, the article describes a structure of decision-making for exploiting the accumulated labor of teacher educators and their students, in the interests of other groups of academics. Distinct social class and gender are identified, and the article concludes that there is little wonder that teaching intensive fields are often strongly criticised for the scientific quality of their content. The level of research investment in them is so low that they are in serious difficulty in maintaining adequate scientific research connections for programs and career opportunities for research-qualified staff.






Research Articles (peer-reviewed)