See our new special issue: “Critiquing the Sacred and the Profane in Higher Education”


We are pleased to announce the publication of our new special issue in the Journal of Practice in Higher Education, titled “Critiquing the Sacred and the Profane in Higher Education”.

Using the “sacred” and the “profane” as a metaphor for previous and ongoing changes, this special issue delves into the shifting vocabularies that shape the landscape of higher education. It brings together a collection of original research articles and innovative academic writings that critically analyse “sacred” and “profane” terminologies, reflecting shifting normativities, power relations, academic priorities, and institutional practices.

Alone and together, the special issue’s contributions call for critical awareness of how academic vocabularies carry shifting normativities with them that frame and influence academic practice. The special issue is a thoughtful read and an important contribution to ongoing research and discussions on the power-language-practice dimensions of higher education today.

We thank all the contributors to this SI and specially the authors for the insights provided in their papers and welcome engagement with the debates in future research and scholarship.